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Lingonberries Also called the European cranberry, this hardy evergreen shrub bears bright red tart berries high in Vitamin C. The fruit is used widely for specialty sauces, jams, jellies and wines. The lingonberry contains benzoin acid, a preservative. This is the reason why lingonberries used to be mixed with other more delicate fruit and berries to increase keeping qualities. The jam is eaten widely with meat as with blueberries.

 In Europe they have long history of medicinal uses, from lowering cholesterol levels to curing gastric distress and rheumatism.

Key Benefits

Lingonberries have a documented health benefits as well.  In Europe they have long history of medicinal uses:


Red Pearl Medium sized fruit with consistent taste and yield.

Additional Information


Fresh berries are available in the fall pending the season but currently offering gallon plants.


1 gallon lingonberry plants - red pearl SOLD OUT

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