2024 Products Listing  (products are sold at farm with select items available for shipment )

Blueberries – Early, mid and late season berries chosen for taste. Varietals include Early Blu, Spartan, Nui, Blue Crop, and Darrow. All berries are organic, watered with pure well water.

U Pick ‐ Pricing by the pound for 2024 Season (Peak season is usually early July to late August)
  • U- Pick –  for the 2024 Season- $4.00/LB
  • Frozen 2023 Season  - $5.00/LB
  • We pick for 2024 Season- $8.00/LB

Bee Products – Local raw honey in four varieties as available: Blackberry, Wild Flower and Clover - Sold locally only
3lb  Jars – $25.00
1.5lb Jars – $15.00
1 lb Jar - $10.00

Yacon Products – This south American native plant is medicinal with uses for all parts of the plant. Our organic leaves are harvested for tea. Our organic tubers are edible and can be eaten raw, cooked or processed into a glycemic balanced sweetener.

Yacon Crowns (Bare Root) $12.00 each – Check back in the Fall
Yacon Tubers (edible tuber) $5.00/LB – pending harvest fall 2024 - Sold locally only
Yacon Starts (plants starts in a gallon pot) $20.00 each – Sold locally only
Yacon tea (1 ounce bag of bulk tea) $6.00/each
Yacon Syrup – Yacon tubers processed into syrup with complex molasses like sweetness.
  • 4 oz – $12.00
  • 8 oz – $20.00

Lavender Products – Our organic English and French lavender is harvested and used in our farm made products. Plant material is distilled by varietal and blended for unique farm specific offerings. We offer three blends from our farm: Lovely Ladies, MoonRidge, and French Fields.

Lavender Fresh U Pick – U Pick is available during our summer flowering season. We offer two sizes of fresh U Pick by the bunch. Guests can pick and fill a 6 or 8 inch zip tie.
  • 6 inch U Pick Lavender ‐ $6.00/BUNCH
  • 8 inch U Pick Lavender ‐ $12.00/BUNCH

Lavender Essential Oil 
5ml blue glass bottles with Euro drop tamper evident lids $7.00
10 ml blue glass bottles with Euro drop tamper evident lids $13.00
Blends available
  • Lovely Ladies
  • MoonRidge
  • French Fields

Lavender Water (Hydrosol) 
4 oz spray in blue glass bottle $10.00
8 oz refill in blue glass bottle $18.00
Blends available
  • Lovely Ladies
  • MoonRidge
  • French Fields

Bath Salts 8 oz jar –
Bath salts are made from organic Himalayan salt, herbs and organic oils. $10.00
  • Dream (Lavender)
  • Breathe (Lavender and Thyme)

Lavender Sugar Scrub 8 oz glass jar with cork top and spoon –
Sugar scrub is made from certified organic cane sugar, oils and herbs. $10.00

Lavender Lotion Bar –
Sun and Moon Design in blue gift bag.
Beautiful satiny lotion bar made from certified organic coconut butter, shea butter, beeswax and essential oils. $10.00

Lavender / Rosemary Salt Grinder 
Unique blend of culinary lavender , certified organic thyme and Himalayan salt in a grinder jar with lid $10.00

Culinary Lavender in Grinder 
Unique blend of culinary lavender in a grinder jar with lid. Can be used with sweet and savory cooking. $10.00

**Our products are sold in glass containers that can be reused or returned to us. We try very hard to limit our use of plastic and find these blue glass containers ideal for maintaining the quality of our lavender products.