MoonRidge Farms is owned by Lauren Hartmann and Ted Bancroft, both having a firm commitment to the environment, our community and our farm team. We are a farm that welcomes everyone, with a focus on health and wellbeing for all.

We feel blessed to steward this land and enjoy sharing with like-minded friends and family. Our farm seasonally offers certified organic blueberries, blackberries, lavender, yacon products, seasonal veggies and flowers. We also enjoy sharing the farm experience with visitors.

Applying the ‘principals of organic farming, biodynamics and sustainability', we raise poultry and small livestock, grow food, herbs and flowers, share the space with wildlife and seek to support a healthy, vibrant environment. We are also committed to sharing our knowledge and experiences of healthy living, as well as sharing our sacred space with the community.

Raised on a farm in Nebraska, Lauren brings a love of the land and a lifetime of gardening to the beautiful Northwest. Ted embraces the Native American values of recognizing the life in all living things and honoring the gifts that spirit provides. Calling this area "home", they have found a perfect place to combine their experience and passions to build a dream. Trained in nursing & natural healing, with a special interest in health and nutrition, the focus of this farm is to combine an active and productive environment utilizing organic and biodynamic farming methods to create a healthy environment and healing place for all who participate in or visit the farm. Lauren and Ted are open to exploring ways to create a healthy space to grow foods that enhance health and spirit. Focusing on whole foods that support the immune function and also have cancer prevention benefits, we hope to educate and support a healthy, happy lifestyle.

We are also exploring ways to build alliances within the community to expand the use of the farm as a healing space and education center. Lauren is also a trained "Cancer Guide" and shares this with the community as a volunteer. The cancer guide program focuses on creating a unique relationship of support, education and lifestyle practice, personally designed for each client. Working with a cancer client or family member, we strive to create a personalized plan that will support and enhance each person's experience. Using knowledge gained from 10 plus years in cancer research, training as a nurse practitioner and familiarity with complementary health practices, we strive to encourage the cancer client to live a full and satisfied life.

We work with a with a wonderful group of professionals to explore ways in which we may work together to improve the experience of cancer care in the US. By offering a spectrum of experience and services, along with team approach to cancer support we have created a non-profit to expand services to our community. Our team consists of several naturopathic physicians experienced in cancer care, licensed dieticians and exercise specialists, RNs, group support specialists and cancer survivors. We seek to support cancer clients through resources, support services, networking and direct service delivery. By utilizing a team approach and individualized client driven care, we strive to offer a truly unique approach to cancer care.

By bridging the resources of allopathic (Medical clinic and hospital-based care) and complementary health care (Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese medicine, herbology, homeopathy, acupuncture, exercise, diet, mind/body connections, meditation), we hope to enhance both the experience and the outcome of cancer care.

For more information regarding the "Cancer Guide" program or for any suggestions on how we might further enhance our community, please contact us by or call us at (503) 705-0886. We look forward to hearing from you!

We strive to provide a fair and equitable work environment where all who participate can benefit from the success of what is developed and produced. Expectations are high but rewards are great! Customer service is the key and the secret to our success!

We are a proud member of the Real Organic Project, Salmon Safe, Human Rights Campaign, World Wildlife Federation, National Resource Defense Council, Arbor Day Foundation and support numerous environmental and sustainable agriculture organizations.

"We are doing our best to be stewards of this land and all who call it home. We look forward to sharing it with our community."
We are located on 40 acres in the Upper Willamette Valley in Beavercreek, Oregon, 35 minutes from Portland, a major metropolitan area with a strong organic produce market. Our grounds include a 1901 farmhouse, bath facilities, as well as walking paths throughout the grounds, a labyrinth and several picnic areas. Get a map. We welcome your input – drop us a line by emailing us! Stay informed by subscribing to our mailing list below. We will send out quarterly Newsletters as well as alerts during U Pick season.